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Each year, Genesis church partners with Shepherd Community Center to help provide meals for the near east-side’s most vulnerable population.  Many of the children involved in Shepherd or in the community receive the majority of their meals through school.  When IPS is on break, those same children often have little to no food.  Beginning Sunday, February 18th, we will be handing out shopping totes with a list for 1 weeks worth of food.  IPS spring break is 2 weeks, so if you want to be able to provide food for a child for their entire break, be sure to grab 2 bags.

The estimated cost of each bag is $25 if purchased at Wal-mart.

Bags are due back to Genesis Church by Sunday, March 11th!


Bag Items Needed:

14 Easy-fix, shelf-stable meals (such as soup-at-hand, Chef Boyardee microwave meals, Rice A Roni single serve cups, Easy Mac)

7 Breakfast items (such as individual cereals, instant oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, breakfast bars)

7-10 Juice boxes (100% juice)/Shelf-stable milk

7-10 Snack items (such as individual packages of animal crackers, veggie chips, popcorn, dried fruit, granola bars, peanut butter crackers)

6-8 Add-on items (such as individual packages of sugar-free Jell-O or pudding cups, fruit cups)


If you are new to Genesis; this is a great opportunity for you to meet our staff and learn some easy next steps you can take to get connected.

Join us February 18th for lunch on us after 2nd service.  Childcare is also provided!

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In Matthew 9:37, Jesus told his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” Jesus promised that the harvest is plentiful.  There are plenty of people in our families, in our neighborhoods, in our workplaces, in our circles of influence, who are ready to receive Christ as Lord.  But Jesus said the problem is: the workers are few.  And so for the last couple of years here at Genesis, we have taken some steps to grow as Kingdom workers and become a disciple-making church that helps people find their way back to God.

On Saturday, February 24th, we are taking yet another intentional step.  We are hosting a basic training for Kingdom Workers. In the New Testament, the role of a Kingdom Worker is someone who helps lead the lost to Christ and helps followers grow in Christ.  If you’re ready to help lead the lost people in your life to Christ and help followers grow in Christ, we invite you to join us on February 24th.  This training will equip you with some basic skills and practical tools you can use to be a fruitful Kingdom Worker.

So whether you’ve been a Kingdom Worker for several years or if you’re ready to take your first step, we hope you’ll join us on Saturday, February 24th from 8:30AM – 12:00 PM, at the Carmel Campus.

Light breakfast will be provided.

No childcare for this event.

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On Friday and Saturday, March 9-10th, the women of Genesis church will gather at the Noblesville Campus for a time of video teaching from the IF: Gathering, table discussions, live worship, prayer, and more!  During this gathering, we will look at one of Paul’s letters to Timothy where he remained him of the power and responsibility of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  You will be encouraged and challenged to keep growing in your relationship with God and to live for God’s glory.

Join us Friday March 9th from 6:30 pm – 9 pm and Saturday March 10th from 8:30 AM –  noon at the Noblesville Campus!

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On Friday and Saturday, April 6-7th, we will be headed to Anderson University to attend Christ In Youth’s (CIY) annual Believe Conference.  It will be a time of pursuing the Lord together in large group sessions and debriefing in small groups to discuss doubts, fears, and how to live out our faith!

This year’s theme is “WITH: exploring the idea of a relationship with Jesus.” Focusing on Matthew 28:20

Cost is $75.

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We are launching new groups February 10th.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join a great group for the Spring! We believe that Connection Groups are a place where you can take your spiritual development and accountability to a new level, bringing fruit and life to your walk and your personal ministry.

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Genesis Student Ministry, known more commonly as “GSM”, offers weekly Connection Groups, as well as occasional student-led Outreach and Social events. Visit our student page for the full list of events!

Need to look further ahead? Check out the Genesis Annual Calendar!

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Baptism is a proclamation of faith!

We would love to have a conversation with you about this decision and answer any questions you have. You can email us at info@genesischurch.me or contact one of our pastors who would love to hear more about what’s going on in your heart.

We believe that baptism is a wonderful and powerful event that should be celebrated, and we would love to celebrate this event with you! Our next baptism Sunday is April 1st!!

Register for one of our upcoming baptism classes on March 18th or March 25th.  If these dates do not work for you, there is an option to speak with a pastor on an alternative date as part of the registration.

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Want to Know More About Baptism?

We have a podcast called “Baptism – Going Public”  from 9.7.14 that you can listen to that will help you understand the heart behind the biblical practice of baptism. Below are some scriptures that teach about what baptism is, and why we should be baptized. We’d encourage you to read and pray about that if you are considering baptism. We are always available to visit with you about it!


What is Baptism?

When you come to faith in Christ, an inner change takes place. Baptism is the outward symbol of the inward commitment you have made to Jesus Christ. It is the first step of obedience in your journey with Jesus and a public statement of your faith. The waters of baptism do not save you. The Bible tells us we are saved by the mercy and grace of God. The Bible makes it very clear that baptism is a part of our commitment to Christ.

Additional commitments when you become a Christian include:

– Realizing your need for Christ (Romans 3:23; 6:23)

– Putting your faith in Christ (John 3:16)

– Turning from your sins (Acts 2:38)

– Verbalizing your trust and commitment by confessing Christ (Romans 10:9)


 Why Be Baptized?

The New Testament offers the following reasons to be baptized:

– To follow Christ’s example (Mark 1:9)

– To follow Christ’s commandment (Matthew 28:19)

– To demonstrate your faith (Acts 18:8)


 When Should You Be Baptized?

Baptism is for believers. A believer is someone who has decided to trust Christ alone for salvation. Believers realize that their sin separates them from God and that only Christ’s death on the cross bridges the gap between them and God.

If you have come to that point in your spiritual journey, then you are ready to be baptized. It is your way of demonstrating the internal miracle, in an external way, to the outside world.
As soon as you have decided to fully receive Christ into your life and have begun walking in a new direction, you should be baptized! (Acts 8:35-38).