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At Genesis Church our mission is simple.

We want to help people find their way back to God!

We believe that God created us to be in a loving relationship with Him, and that our sin has created separation–but through Jesus we have the choice to reconcile our relationship with God and re-enter the original relationship that He always wanted to have with us.

We use God’s word as our guide as we try to more fully know and understand Jesus, and we try to keep things simple as we seek to live like Him. Watch some of the stories of what God is doing in people’s lives through Genesis Church!

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We began as one church in one location in 2003, and in 2012 we launched a second campus featuring live teaching of the same message series, the same GenKids curriculum, and even the same free bagels and coffee in the café!

Our desire was to remove distance as a barrier as our people invited friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors, and it has proven a valuable move as we’ve seen many of those people come to Christ and be baptized! We are so grateful for all the fruit we’ve seen from being a multi-site church.



1702 Pleasant St
Noblesville, IN 46060

Service Times

9:30 & 11:15 am



13200 Old Meridian St.
Carmel, IN 46032

Service Times

9:30 & 11:15 am

This Week At Genesis: In the Flesh

The story of Jesus’ life and ministry is the greatest story ever told.  However, it wasn’t just a story, Jesus was a real man, who really lived in real time and real space and his story is a true story. Over the next 13 weeks, we are going to chronologically walk through the story of Jesus. And as we tell the story of Jesus, we want to let the story do the work! If you think about it, this is what the disciples and the early church did, this is how the good news of Jesus and Christianity spread throughout the world. It was the disciples testifying or telling the story of Jesus and letting the story do the work of drawing people to Jesus. Our goal is that after meditating on Jesus during this series, we will know Him better, become more like Him and be better prepared to tell others the greatest story ever told.

Here you can download a 12 week study plan that chronologically follows the ministry of Jesus through key passages; each week has 3 days of passages.  Use the S.O.A.P.S. method and study with us this fall!


At Genesis we strive to be what we call “3C Followers of Christ,” to be people who celebrate, connect, and contribute.

We don’t have an official membership at Genesis; instead we say that if you call Genesis Church your home, you’ll be committed to doing these things. We believe that God’s word speaks to these values and that when we uphold them, we honor him.

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We believe that God wants to see us give him praise for his faithfulness in our lives, to share our stories of what Christ is doing in us, and to look for ways to praise God in the every day, in-between moments of life.



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We were meant to serve, grow, and worship together with other believers, spurring one another on and lovingly holding each other accountable.



Contribute fitted-03Giving of our time, talent, and treasure is our way of showing our investment in our relationship with Jesus and with his Church.




We don’t try to do everything that a church can do; we try to do a few things really well.
These are the five areas of ministry that we make a priority!